About - Corinne Young (Photo by Alun Callender)

Photo by Alun Callender for Country Living Magazine

I am a textile artist from the UK. I create embroidered 3D artwork, bespoke furnishings and accessories.

I have always loved to stitch, and have done so ever since I can remember. My father and several ancestors on both sides of my family worked in the textile industry, and my mother, aunt and grandmother were all keen needlewomen.

As a result of my lifelong fascination with textiles, I completed a degree in Textile Design in 2003. I also have qualifications and work experience in interior design and decoration and gallery curation.

My work is inspired by two major things – the flowers and insects I study in my garden, and the artefacts to be found in historic houses. The floral aspect gives my work its colour, texture and form, and the methods I use, the style of the work and its 3D quality comes from the study of historic artefacts such as 17th century stump work caskets. I like to use vintage fabrics and papers to create my work, and also love to stitch into my handmade linen paper, which I make in large sheets in my studio.

The finished artworks are delicate in feel and reflect the complexity and fragility of their subject matter. All pieces are designed, made, constructed and finished by me. Everything I produce is made with great care, and takes many hours to create.

I exhibit widely in galleries throughout the UK, and take part in Open Studios, residencies and other arts events. I have also undertaken several large commissions and residencies.


William Bennett of Kevin Wallace Limited:

“Thank you for your tremendous work on the commissioned pieces for The Lord of the Rings opening night event. They exceeded our expectations and generated much attention and praise from the guests. I can only marvel at the amount of skill and attention to detail that went into each panel. We have now installed the work in our offices and look forward to enjoying them for many years to come.”

Wendy Morris, Judge Craft & Design Magazine Selected Maker Awards 2015 (Silver Award – Textiles and Needlecrafts)

“Minute study of the botanical detail of her subjects may be the starting point for Corinne’s work, but she shows us that she can take her observations in a range of directions depending on the qualities she seeks to highlight and the context or purpose of the piece she is making. By exercising tight control over the fundamental materials and techniques she uses, even hand making her own linen paper as a base, she gives herself the freedom to incorporate vintage fabrics and serendipitous finds while still retaining the integrity of her designs.”